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Why WordPress Is The Most Popular And Highly Used Platform?


Approximately 60.8% of all websites are known to use WordPress as the content management system. Moreover, today it accounts for around 34.6% of all websites. This proves that WordPress is the most popular content management system.

Besides extensive customizable themes, you can get tailored websites as per your specific needs. Whether it is a personal blog, business website, or an eCommerce store, it is easy to manage without excessive coding implementations. Can everyone create a beautiful and intuitive website? WordPress is easy. No, not as simple as that. You may need some expert help to build it for you. Therefore, when it comes to crafting a beautiful, responsive, and intuitive website, Sprint Webs stands out as the best choice. A team of skilled designers, developers, and SE specialists work collectively to deliver a top-notch, user and SEO-friendly website for a number of sectors such as eCommerce, businesses, forums, and content hubs.

Why is WordPress the Most Popular CMS?

Ease of use becomes the most important factor that makes WordPress the first preference for small businesses, eCommerce websites, blogging websites, and individuals.

As we know WordPress has become the preferred choice for individuals and businesses alike. Now, when it comes to using WordPress for creating a good-looking website, Sprint Webs emerges as the ace player. With a proven track record in offshore web development, Sprint Webs crafts beautiful websites that not only attract users but also offer seamless user experiences.

Our expertise in utilizing top-notch technologies like WordPress, WooCommerce, React.js, and Node.js ensures that your online presence makes it unique in the digital space.

If you’re in pursuit of a striking website that effortlessly balances form and function, Sprint Webs is your trusted partner in achieving digital excellence.

Most Widely Used CMS:

With over 60 million websites using WordPress, it is the most popular content management system. We can say, it makes up more than a quarter of all websites.

WordPress is not only popular among small businesses, blogging websites, or individuals, but also integrated by renowned websites such as Guardian, Forbes, The New York Times, etc.

The best part of WordPress is, it is easy to manage.

Easy to Use:

If you are a blogger or an individual, and mostly non-tech savvy, WordPress is a great option to get started.

It has numerous easy-to-use features that make your website look good. There are a number of free plugins which are easy to install and get running. But one caution. While installing a plugin, you must be aware that it does not corrupt your website. Because some plugins may be developed by hackers who are likely to steal data from your website and corrupt your files.

Moreover, by referring to online tutorials, you can learn about its basics and get started easily.

Dominating Search Engines

Visibility on the web is the key to success, and WordPress understands this implicitly.

If you compare WordPress with Blogger(developed by Google), you will find WordPress websites ranking better.

The reason is that WordPress architecture is built keeping Search Engine Optimization in mind. Thus, giving your content and the overall website an edge in search engine results.

A Mobile-First Philosophy

Mobile browsing dominates even desktop users. Thus a responsive website is necessary.

Therefore, WordPress themes are built with mobile responsiveness at their core. Moreover, you cannot completely rely on WordPress themes. You need to outsource an expert who can customize, add, or modify settings or build from scratch that suits your business.

Therefore, Sprint Webs builds your WordPress website from scratch.  From customizing your existing theme to building UI, Sprint Web does it all.

Easy to Update:

WordPress is easy to update. Additionally, without knowing HTML & CSS anyone can update their website. That is to say, no technical skill is required.

Moreover, the WordPress themes have pre-designed layouts and graphics. That is to say, you just have to add it on a single click. No coding related customization is required.

Furthermore, WordPress themes are responsive. It seamlessly runs on mobile, laptops, and PCs.

Large Community:

WordPress has a large community with members all over the world. The best part is, that you are likely to find solutions whenever you face any trouble in WordPress. From simple configuration to coding snippets, you get all the assistance for free.

This is the reason that WordPress is actively developing and improving its community. As a result, people can easily solve their issues by having much to depend on others.

Easy to Scale:

Whether you have a small or a big website you can easily scale up. With WordPress, you can add new pages and expand your business.

Moreover, if you have made changes and want to revert to your old version, you can easily do that.


Security is one of the priorities of WordPress. It has a number of features and resources that protects your website from security bypass or potential brute force attack.

Moreover, the user authentication system relies on a username and password for login. Furthermore, you can also set the “number of login attempts”. That is to say, if you exceed the wrong login attempts, the login interface is locked for 24 hours. It is similar to the login for an Internet banking system.

In addition, WordPress offers other layers of security such as two-factor authentication and SSL encryption. For added security, users can install various security plugins designed for WordPress sites.

In terms of maintenance, WordPress regularly releases security updates that are vigilant against potential online threats.

Overall, WordPress proves itself as a powerful and secure CMS, with an advanced security net to protect your website from possible online threats.


Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, their user-friendly approach makes managing a WordPress website a seamless experience.

Moreover, with Sprint Webs, we can create your website from scratch or get your existing website customized. WordPress which is free and open-source combined with a user-friendly interface makes it the best choice both for developers and users.