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Beautiful Design and optimized code for SEO-centric website

  Internet offers countless opportunities to businesses of all sizes and sectors around the world; use its influence to your advantage without holding back. Sprint Webs offers a Well Optimized, beautiful, and SEO-centric website. Therefore, create your online presence now and discover your market potential with the aid of the website development and redesign services we offer.
SEO-centric website

3 Keys to build a SEO-centric website

After constructing websites for a while, we've learned that the following elements are necessary to create an outstanding website for our clients that sets them apart from the competition:

Beautiful Website Design

Beautiful Website Design Cause it's your Online Shop

A beautiful website creates a positive first impression. It grabs the attention of visitors, engages them, and encourages them to explore further. When they spend some time on your site it helps them understand about your business as well as increase trust for your business that leads to a better conversation rate.

A beautiful website helps showcase your brand identity, gives a clear image about your service and vision. By using consistent colors, typography, imagery, and design elements aligned with your brand guidelines, we can create a brand identity. This strengthens brand recall, ensure brand loyalty, and set your apart from your competitors. Think of it as your online shop; people won't come back if it ain't attractive.

Creating an SEO-Centric website by optimizing the user experience with Responsive web design

So far, 67.81% of the total web visits are currently mobile, compared to 32.19% coming from desktops (source: google.com). With the increasing use of mobile devices, having a beautiful and mobile-responsive website is essential. Responsive design ensures that your website looks and functions seamlessly across different screen sizes and devices resulting a unmatched user-experience.

Google recently unveiled Core Web Vitals, a new set of metrics that gauge website speed and real-time user experience. The page experience score of a website will be calculated by combining these elements with the already present signals. The Core Web Vitals will also be a part of a major Google algorithm update that will give sites a new way to be assessed and ranked based on the page experience they offer (starting in March 2021). Responsive web design lays the foundation for SEO-Centric website.

Important factors for an SEO-centric website

Sprint Webs developers are experts in building SEO-centric websites, we also call them Sprint Websites. This is crucial because you don't have to spend additional cost and time to make your site SEO-centric when you start SEO promotion. However, building an SEO-Centric website doesn't mean you have covered all the factors for SEO. Read more from our FAQ page.

  • Before staring on the home page content, we need to figure out what are the best 10-20 keywords for your business considering the geographic location, target audience and the keyword competition for SEO-centric website.


  • Focusing on the long-tail keywords while keeping your location in mind lay the foundation for a SEO-Centric Website. This helps with specific & niche targeting.


  • Including location-based keywords helps with local SEO and Google My business improvement.


  • Use Google Trends to identify trending keywords.

Optimized Title tag and Meta Description are the sole for a success SEO-centric Website.


Title Tag:

  • Optimal Length: Keep it between 50-60 characters.
  • Keyword Placement: Include your primary keyword near the beginning.


Meta Description:

    • Optimal Length: Aim for 150-160 characters.
    • Compelling Copy: Write a concise, compelling description that encourages clicks.
    • Relevance: Include your target keywords.
  • Relevance: Make it compelling and relevant to the content on the page.

From H1 to H6 all header tags are necessary however H1 and H2 are the most important when it comes to SEO-centric Website.


  1. Hierarchy: Use a logical hierarchy from H1 for main titles to H6 for subsections.

  2. Keywords: Include primary and secondary keywords naturally in headings.

  3. Descriptiveness: Write clear, concise, and descriptive headings.

  4. Unique H1: Make H1 unique and closely related to page content.

  5. Variations: Include keyword variations in subheadings.

  6. Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Maintain a natural flow, avoiding excessive keyword usage.


User and SEO-friendly URL structure are the vital element for SEO-friendly website.


  1. Descriptive URLs: Use clear, descriptive URLs that reflect page content.

  2. Keywords: Include target keywords naturally in the URL.

  3. Hyphens: Use hyphens to separate words for readability.

  4. Short and Simple: Keep URLs short, simple, and easy to remember.

  5. Avoid Special Characters: Minimize the use of special characters.

  6. Canonicalization: Choose a preferred URL and set up canonicalization.

  7. SSL Encryption: Ensure URLs use HTTPS for security and SEO benefits. A Unsafe website voids the rule for SEO-centric website.

Need to keep the alt tags for all images present on your site if you want your site to be error-free and well optimized for SEO-centric website.


  1. File Format: Use efficient formats like JPEG for photographs, PNG for transparency, and SVG for vectors.

  2. Compression: Compress images to reduce file size without compromising quality. Large file can slow down the website which destroys the idea for an SEO-Centric Website.

  3. Descriptive Filenames: Name images descriptively with relevant keywords.

  4. Image Sitemap: Create an image sitemap to help search engines discover and index images.

Create a logical site structure for both users and search engines – When people search for relevant content finding them on your blogs pages in a descriptive manner is quite a hack to turn yours’ a SEO-centric website.


  • Relevance and Natural Integration: Link to related content that adds value to the user. Integrate internal links naturally within content. Don’t overdo internal links; focus on quality over quantity.

  • Consistent Linking: Maintain consistent linking practices across the site.

  • XML Sitemap: Include internal links in the XML sitemap.

  • Do-follow Links: Most internal links should be “do-follow” for SEO-Centric Website.

Generate Leads through a beautiful website

Effective design can emphasize and highlight your call-to-action buttons, making them more noticeable and compelling. A beautiful design gives your customers a better experience to spend some time and know about your business and services. Visitors might be encouraged to take action with an eye-catching CTA that has simple, understandable instructions.

Sprint Webs also make sure that your code is well optimized and free from any SEO errors. This gives us an edge when we start working on complete organic promotion. Your site has a huge potential of generating leads for your business, let us unlock those doors.

Call for Website Requirements in USA

Redesign/Development Work Structure


Planning and Strategy:

Every great piece of architecture starts with careful planning and design. Since only you have a complete understanding of your business, we must comprehend your way of thinking in order to do this. It must be constructed with your target audience in mind.


Setting up the structure and technology

To begin, we must first figure out the technology and design of the website. Numerous platforms, including WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Laravel, React, and Node.JS, are covered by our expertise. You can share your thoughts and references about the design and based on that We will present a few sample designs with you. The foundation of the site will then be built depending on the chosen design.


Adapting the Website to all devices

Since many people access sites through their mobile devices, so ensuring this is responsive and displays properly on various devices and screen sizes is a must. It can quickly browse among different devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs across Apple, Android, and Windows. A positive mobile experience ensures that users can easily navigate and interact with your site, increasing the likelihood of conversions on mobile devices.


Content Creation

We need to both create new Content and restore the ones present on your previous site. Several considerations must be made in adding new content:
1. Should be engaging for your audience.
2. Need to highlight the advantages of your Product/Services and how your customers can take benefits from it.
3. Create a unique selling proposition for your other company as well as make it stand out from the rest.


Ensuring it's SEO-Friendly

On-page Optimization is the biggest factor when it comes to SEO. If your new website comes with well optimized content, Tags, Meta-Description, URLs and error-free code then it certainly would take less time later while working on complete organic promotion. Designing your site with a clear and intuitive structure that allows both users and search engines to easily navigate and understand the information is critical for us.


Delivery & Testing

Before delivering the project (setting the website live), we make sure all functionality is operational, products have been uploaded, and there are no barriers. If there are any issues, we can address them as we normally provide three months of maintenance free. However, there will be some back and forth communication with you, and our project manager will work with you all the way through, to ensure that you won't face any issues after delivery.

Select from the wide range of Website Technology

We have worked with many technologies in the past. From WordPress to React, almost all the majorly used technology has been used by us.

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